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This product has given me many good nights of sleep. I find the peach ones have the least amount of bad after taste. When anyone mentions trouble sleeping Numb Delta9 is what I suggest they try. There has been a problem with the last few that I’ve purchased, the nice texture they had has changed to a sugary mush:( Please bring back the old recipe. Thank you!


I ate 1 just like it said. All that happened was I fell asleep for like 2 hours. But that's it. I thought I was gonna start having hallucinations and stuff. But nope.


This product is trash. It gets clogged and gets very hot. Not recommended to anyone


the best I’ve tried so far (my cousins recommendation) and I’m a beginner! And tastes yum too. (I’ve never smoked. This is the only thing I’ve ever done to get me high.) and I love it, helps a lot with my anxiety, makes me so relaxed and happy. Definitely getting more!!!

Clogs all the time

I wasted my money on this . Thinking I’m getting a deal because it’s 5.5grams but after one day it’s hard to use . Not worth the money. Also hot resin comes out into your mouth.

Never received

I have emailed, called, and texted you to inform you I haven’t received anything. Please respond

Save your money and get any other cart

Keeps hitting when I’m not hitting it causing the whole pen to be hot to touch… large amounts of wax just flew into my mouth while burning hot and the battery doesn’t last long at all I’m talking like 10 puffs. I haven’t even got through a 1/4 of the cart and now just had about half of it spit up into my mouth. Did it get me high yeah but now it’s not usable whatsoever. Won’t be getting one of these again I just tried to hit it through my shirt to try and see if it was salvageable and now it’s all over my shirt

Companies website sucks and orders won't go through. I wanna place a few hundred dollar order and they won't get a hold of me

Haven’t received my order

I didn’t get my order.


I would love to buy more but your website won't accept my order. After I fill out my information and place my order it says order failed. Could you help me with that?

Numb Super Smoker

when it works it works good but after you smoke it a few times it clogs and never works right again. i've had no problem clearing most vapes but this one just gets the wax too hot and starts bubbling inside the vape. be careful if yours gets clogged, it will burn you if you arent careful.

great product inside, the model device sucks

the actual resin is fire but the device leaks so bad from the bottom and top!! got it in the mail with some other vapes, tasted it and put on my shelf till i was ready to use this one. half the oil leaked out the bottom!! :'( i was pretty bummed cause this stuff hits like a truck but the model needs to be upgraded please!!

Product amazing, service is not.

How was my 1 Single Pack Delta 8 - Delta 9 + THCP Infused Gummies? I didn’t even BUY GUMMIES I bought two 1500mg brownies and one 1500mg cookies. The item I’m reviewing was for free and I gave it to my boyfriend so I assume it’s good. I got both of the brownies and they do their job well which is why I hate that I’m PISSED off. I’ve ordered them from Everything420 and I never got an order wrong, but I was given one cookie less than ten before. I got 200mg cookies instead, I immediately contacted them via email and even left a review on their page. All I wanted was a replacement for the mg I want, I just wanted 1500mg instead off 200mg I wouldn’t been fine with 2000mg because it’s closer to my tolerance and it’s the same price. I haven’t gotten any response back and this seems to be common. I also used my card directly and now I have a random Amazon prime charge. Are the people running this place using the product they make because I’ve not had this experience but once and even then they eventually responsed. They don’t even have a trustpilot. I JUST WANT THE PRODUCT I ASKED FOR.

Amazing product!

Just what I was looking for. Will buy again! A++


Paid extra for the expedited time was not here in 2-5 days

Great taste

Great taste!

Not Packaged Well

This is my second order, so I am sure it wasn't intentional, but the packaging was not processed well. The edibles were sealed through the interior protection seal and it was also twisted in to the grooves by the twist top. The edibles inside were all smooshed so it seemed more like one big edible instead of individual ones. A replacement would be nice, but the cost of materials to send it back wouldn't be worth it. (If returns are even an option.)

I think I’m in love😍 I’m new trying your products. I just tried these yesterday and I tell you what they are amazing 🤪🔥. I will keep these in rotation nice job guys👍🏽🫶🏽. I’m excited I can’t wait to try your other products.

Was hopeful

The actual product is incredible, hits like a truck. But the device is a POS. Gets clogged then spits hot fluid in your mouth.


Placed my order on January 26th 2024 (Order #14739)... Got a confirmation email shortly thereafter.. On Jan 29th I got another email saying the order had shipped. I checked the tracking number and it showed a tracking number had been created, but the USPS hadn't received the order. As of today, February 18th I have still NOT RECEIVED my order. The tracking number still shows the same thing.. (A Tracking number has been created) DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY! I have sent 5 emails, called the listed number inside the email over 10 times... Left numerous voice messages.. Sent two text messages to that same number, and replied to the original email with NO RESPONSE from any of them.

It clogged and burned my mouth

I have had a lot of trouble with this vape. The charge doesn’t last and it clogs , no matter how clean you keep it. I feel cheated because I can barely use it after the money I spent.

Gummies work great one one issue

Gummies work great only issue I had was all the grape flavored one look like they got hot and melted some and are a little hard to get out of the packaging. That being said I did try and call but no one answered the phone. Also not a big enough issue that I wouldn’t order again.

Peach Mango Gummies 500MG Delta 9 + THCP