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Great taste

Great taste!

Not Packaged Well

This is my second order, so I am sure it wasn't intentional, but the packaging was not processed well. The edibles were sealed through the interior protection seal and it was also twisted in to the grooves by the twist top. The edibles inside were all smooshed so it seemed more like one big edible instead of individual ones. A replacement would be nice, but the cost of materials to send it back wouldn't be worth it. (If returns are even an option.)

I think I’m in love😍 I’m new trying your products. I just tried these yesterday and I tell you what they are amazing 🤪🔥. I will keep these in rotation nice job guys👍🏽🫶🏽. I’m excited I can’t wait to try your other products.

Was hopeful

The actual product is incredible, hits like a truck. But the device is a POS. Gets clogged then spits hot fluid in your mouth.


Placed my order on January 26th 2024 (Order #14739)... Got a confirmation email shortly thereafter.. On Jan 29th I got another email saying the order had shipped. I checked the tracking number and it showed a tracking number had been created, but the USPS hadn't received the order. As of today, February 18th I have still NOT RECEIVED my order. The tracking number still shows the same thing.. (A Tracking number has been created) DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY! I have sent 5 emails, called the listed number inside the email over 10 times... Left numerous voice messages.. Sent two text messages to that same number, and replied to the original email with NO RESPONSE from any of them.

It clogged and burned my mouth

I have had a lot of trouble with this vape. The charge doesn’t last and it clogs , no matter how clean you keep it. I feel cheated because I can barely use it after the money I spent.

Gummies work great one one issue

Gummies work great only issue I had was all the grape flavored one look like they got hot and melted some and are a little hard to get out of the packaging. That being said I did try and call but no one answered the phone. Also not a big enough issue that I wouldn’t order again.

Peach Mango Gummies 500MG Delta 9 + THCP

Great Product

The taste is good and the price is right.

Definite investment

Crazy good value, got mine at a smoke shop. 5.5 grams of THC, the phrase "one hit wonder" on the side of the box is fr. For reference I smoke everyday and have a generally high tolerance.

Don’t get this

I just tried to use mine and got shot with about gram of hot concentrate. I can’t feel my tongue or my lips. Turned the battery off and 20 minutes later, it’s still about as hot as a PS4 that’s been left on for 8 hours. This product is just a wax bomb

Rocket man

I was absolutely high I had one and ended up staring at every planet in the cosmos before writing this I took a cookie 1hour ago. Im too zooted rn


Very good product

2 5.5g super smoker vape

Dies very fast have to charge twice a day. Used one out of the box and then it died and clogged while I charged it and I haven’t been able to unclog it

The worst tasting edibles I've ever had

Quite literally the most disgusting edibles I've ever eaten. They taste like the floor of a barn

Best gummies I've tried

The best

Awesome flavor

These really do taste great - it’s probably my favorite variety. Always arrives fresh.

1 Single Pack Delta 9 THC + THCP Infused Gummies

Gang I’ve been smoking every day for about a year but this got me lost for words. Wedding cake will put you in the couch😭 definitely buying again once this runs out

I saw the universe made, destroyed, then made again

Learned about this here W.M.D. from either a Youtube short or an Instagram reel of these two young black dudes in a care trying it out. The guy in the passenger seat took a hit of this god amongst vapes and immediately lost it and rolled out of the car coughing a lung or two up yelling "I'M GONNA DIE!" and I didn't believe it but I was intrigued so I bought it. Waited about a week or so and finally got it. All this waiting, anticipation and honestly fear. Picked it up today along with some other goodies, and before you hit it don't be a caveman like me and take out the rubber piece at the tip (pause) that blends PERFECTLY in with the vape anywhoo I preheated it and took a hit. Ladies. Gents. Everything inbetween except for you Vince. I am 99% chimney with how I puff and I have never come closer to breaking it dowm with God in my life, I started off cocky but that quickly faded away as I faded away. If I could recognize I have knees I would have fell to them, I have been coughing for what feels like eternities, I no longer can tell if I'm human or cake I'm betting the latter. This is no joke, I feel like I was just manhandled by this vape. All that to say 10/10 would be manhandled again

Super smoker

Love the product but the battery life isn’t good at all


Great product

Really helps with my arthritic discomfort. Highly recommend. Gives me more energy than I have had for months. Keeps me relaxed.

Feels nice but tastes bad

The taste is awful and they're pretty hard to chew, but once they kick in it feels great. Just make sure you have a drink next to you lol