Introducing Numb Cannabis Co’s premium Gummies – a fusion of innovation, quality, and potency that manifests the true magic of cannabis.

Our Gummies are not merely a product; they represent an unparalleled experience designed for those seeking the absolute apex in cannabis indulgence. Each pack harbors a single high-impact gummy, meticulously crafted with a potent concoction of 25mg Delta-9 and THC-P, two of the most acclaimed components of the cannabis world.

Our gummies offer a transcendent journey beyond ordinary sensations, designed for experienced users who truly comprehend the depth and breadth of cannabis’s potential. Each gummy carries the promise of potency so profound, we recommend portioning into four distinct doses. It’s a testament to our dedication to providing powerfully balanced products, where strength meets precision.

Our craft gummies exude more than just potent power. They embody Numb Cannabis Co’s unwavering commitment to quality, purity, and safety. Each gummy is produced in a state-of-the-art facility, meticulously monitored to meet the most stringent industry standards, ensuring a product that is as clean and pure as it is potent.

But potency and safety are just parts of the story. Our gummies are not only powerful but also delectably palatable. They deliver a captivating sensory symphony that pairs a softly sweet exterior with an explosion of intricate flavors inside, all while delivering a potent cannabis experience. The result is a well-rounded journey, culminating in an experience that satisfies the body, the mind, and the palate.

These Gummies by Numb Cannabis Co offer an inviting gateway into the uncharted territories of powerful cannabis experiences. We invite you to indulge in this masterpiece, portion it wisely, and savor the moment.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Customer Reviews

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This product has given me many good nights of sleep. I find the peach ones have the least amount of bad after taste. When anyone mentions trouble sleeping Numb Delta9 is what I suggest they try. There has been a problem with the last few that I’ve purchased, the nice texture they had has changed to a sugary mush:( Please bring back the old recipe. Thank you!

Louis Willis
Gummies work great one one issue

Gummies work great only issue I had was all the grape flavored one look like they got hot and melted some and are a little hard to get out of the packaging. That being said I did try and call but no one answered the phone. Also not a big enough issue that I wouldn’t order again.

Mark Bellew

75ct Pack Delta 9 THC + THCP Infused Gummies

Scarlett Richardson
More to Come

I was very impressed with the quality of these gummies. The high was great and they tasted fantastic. Looking forward to ordering more.

Elijah Martinez
Quality Impression

These gummies are fantastic. They're now my go-to for a fun and relaxing evening.